Rice Paper Decorated Cakes

  This cake is covered with whipped cream. You can eat rice papers which is overprinting pictures.  There are two kinds of sponges, plain or chocolate. Also you can choose one cream,  inside of  the cake from eight kinds, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, caramel, caramel and walnuts, caramel and coconuts, pineapple or peach. 


  You can put your face photos on the cakes.


  You can put pictures which you like on the cakes except face pictures.


  We replace your face with character's face.


Fondant Cakes

  This cake is covered with sugar craft. You can add some meringue confectioneries on the top or middle on the cakes.  There are two kinds of sponges, plain or chocolate. Also you can choose one cream,  inside of  the cake from five kinds, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, caramel and walnuts, or caramel and coconuts. We don't recommend to eat meringue confectioneries because they are imitations. They include other ingredients except sugar. 


  For people who like flowers. These cakes are perfect for wedding.


  We can copy the shapes of your hobbies.


  We love Hello Kitty! We have cute Kitty-chan cakes.


  Minions are yellow cute creatures in the movie of Despicable me. Banana~.


  Circle of life. You will become King of Pride land when you eat this cakes.


  We can make your dolls. You will be decorated on the cakes.


  We have method of making Disney characters like real. 


  Super Mario Brothers celeblate for your birthday.

  If you want to be like Spider man or Badman, you need to get these cakes.


  Japan has a lot of cool animes. If you are anime fun, you will satisfy for sure.


  For babies. They are suitable for baby shower. 

  We also can make Disney Princess style cakes. .


  The most popular Japanese hero is anpanman.


  Thomas and Friends. You might be able to run with Thomas on the railway.


  We have other characters' cakes. 


  We have many other kinds of cakes more than you think.

If you want to more informations or see more pictures, please visit here!

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