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How to order

We deliver for all Japan by Takyubin ! 

Please read the instruction guide thoroughly and then fill out the order form located at the foot of the page.

Choosing the shape and size:

Round                          Square                       Rectangle


22cm (8.7 inch) Serve 10~15 people


25cm (9.8 inch) Serve 25~30 people


30cm (11.8 inch) Serve 25~35 people


We deliver for all Japan by Takyubin !   

(21x21)cm (8.3 inch) Serve 15 people ¥5500

(25x25)cm (9.8 inch) Serve 25 people ¥9000

(30x30)cm (11.8 inch) Serve 35 people


We deliver for all Japan by Takyubin !   

(26x32)cm (10.2x12.6) inch Serve30~40p


(31x38)cm (12.2x15) inch Serve40~50p


Only for residents of Hamamatsu and region !

Layers fondant cakes can be sent by Takyubin for all Japan. 


Whipped cream layer cakes (Hamamatsu Area only)


Other sizes and custom shapes please contact!

090-6585-4910 (softbank) 053-434-1407

Choosing the types of cake decoration:

The most traditional cakes are the whipped cream ( preferred for its taste ) . The more artistic are the fondant cakes ! Cakes decorated with rice paper are very popular !

Below are a series of photos of cakes separated by categories . 


Choose a type of cake(model) that suits you and contact us by order form ( at bottom of page ) . The session is divided into cakes made ​​with simple " Chantilly " , " rice paper " and " Fondant Cake " , which is also known in England as " sugarcraft " and the United States as " Rolled Fondant " , in Japan some use the term " Gum Paste" . However it is worth remembering that some teachers and masters in " Rolled Fondant " sometimes do not like the generalization of the term , preferring to say the owners of a custom technique in regard to " sugarcraft " .


The cakes with fondant in general have a very nice looking, are made artistically and depending of the theme , can cost several hours of work . However ,the raw material of this kind of cake is the sugar ,because this many customers initially , prefer to eat the cake and leave the paste , the fondant .I was thinking about it and I decided to adapt these types of cake to the taste of our clients , replacing the firm mass with something more light and pleasant , thereby improving acceptance and breaking the myth that fondant cake is nice just to see and take pictures , but not to eat . For those who want to taste the fondant cake we sending samples to any location of Japan (about ¥5000)

Click on the images to visit their photo galleries:

Choosing the flavors (Fillings):




Brazilian Nut







Cream with fruits






Passion fruit

Dulce de leche


Brazilian Nut





Whipped Cream

Chocolate Ganache

Truffle of white chocolate + macadamia

Truffle of white chocolate + passion fruit

Ranking of the most popular fillings:

  1. "Baba de moça"(coconut milk) with Pineapple + Dulce of leche with nuts

  2. Alpine cream (chocolate) + Dulce of leche (+ ¥1500 Alpine cream is more expensive)

  3. Alpine cream (chocolate) + Prestige (+ ¥1500 Alpine cream is more expensive)

  4. Beijinho + Brigadeiro (+ ¥1500 Brigadeiro is more expensive)

  5. Dulce of leche with coconut

  6. "Baba de moça" with Pineapple

  7. Dulce of leche with nuts

  8. Strawberry Cream (December to March)

Meanings (glossary):

Alpine Cream

Cream made for fillings from chocolate.

Baba de moça

"Baba de moça" is a typical sweet of cuisine of Brazil made ​​with egg yolks, coconut milk and sugar syrup boiled until it become a consistent cream. It is one of the most traditional and exquisite sweets, this kind of filling have more than 190 years history (since empiry times 1822~1889 in Brazil)


Very popularized, is prepared and served like the brigadeiro, but takes grated coconut. The dough can take egg yolks or not, depending on the region of the country(Brazil) you are.


Brigadeiro is a typical sweet of Brazilian cuisine, is common throughout the country and is present in virtually all birthday parties, along with the cajuzinho and beijinho. The ingredients are condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and chocolate sprinkles .

Dulce of leche

The dulce de leche ("milk jam" milk thickened by hours of simmering with a lot of sugar, pasty consistence and caramel-colored) is used as a filling for cakes and chocolates and as the main ingredient for ice creams, dessert sauces and candies.

About Takyubin (Ta-Q-Bin):

We delivery to all Japan by Takyubin !

All the informations above you can find in Takyubin homepage





To Customers Using TA-Q-BIN for the First Time :

TA-Q-BIN is Door to Door Parcel Delivery Service. 365 Days a Year/Next Day Delivery

TA-Q-BIN is a delivery service for sending parcels 365 days a year. TA-Q-BIN delivers on the next day to anywhere in the country (excluding certain regions).

For people who live in other regions of Japan ( outside the region of Hamamatsu ) , delivery is made ​​via Takyubin !


The cake is previously cooled (in the case of  whipped cream cakes) , so that its consistency becomes firmer . Cooling is necessary to make the cake support the delivery path ,  avoiding damage to your product . We bring your product to the Takyubin , already chilled, from where it will be dispatched on a system called " Reitou " , ie, going in a refrigerated car ( car refrigerator )


   In the case of whipped cream cakes , they need to arrive one day before and should stay in the fridge for around 24 hours to return to normal consistency , without changing the consistency or taste.

   Fondant cakes can arrive at the party day and dont need to be shipped in Reitou system, just " Reizou ".


For more information see our page on procedures to receive your order ;




Rates vary from region to region , but generally for the region of Tokai and Kanto the cost is about 1736 yen for Reitou system ( whipped cream cakes ) for a box to 21cm cake size .






Payment may be made directly to Takyubin when you receive your product .


The amount to be charged consists of the products you bought in Cake Desire more Takyubin rates (which is formed by the rate of transport , refrigeration , taxes and location of the place to be delivered) ;

Remember that if the Takyubin will unable to contact the customer by telephone in previously stipulated time , they will " running " with your product making another deliveries untill later , increasing the risk of damage through carelessness or negligence of the Customer at the time of withdrawal .

Order form

"Make your order as soon as possible, the quality of your product will be better and the probability of schedule your order in the date you need will be high!" In general, ordered at least one week in ideal for cakes of rice paper and whipped cream, and 3 weeks to 1 month for fondant cakes. In the case of fondant cakes, this period can vary depending on the degree of difficulty of decoration, more or less.



Specify the Time to Receive Your Parcel

Time Zone Delivery


Customers can select the time zone in which they would like their parcel delivered. No extra charge is necessary.


You can select from the following 6 time-zones.


Before Noon








Time Zone Delivery cannot be used for Golf TA-Q-BIN, Ski TA-Q-BIN, Airport TA-Q-BIN, Kuroneko Mail-Bin, Round Trip TA-Q-BIN (outward).

*Depending on the destination of the parcel, you may not be able to choose a time zone.

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