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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Here are the most frequently asked questions and their answers ! We hope this could help you !

What are the fillings recommended for fondant cake?


Good question ! Fondant cakes can't use the same fillings of the whipped cream cake for example. For fondant cakes I recommend a "firmer" filling. Dulce of Leche (caramel) with nuts, coconuts or plum, "baba de moça" , alpine cream and "Beijinho". I dont recommend fruit fillings for fondant cakes because they drop a lot of water that can subsequently influence the composition of fondant, changing not only their visual appearance but also modifying its consistency and can in severe cases lose their function structure (alloy) causing the cake change their physical state (format).
To more informations please access: Receiving procedures Page;


How can I add you (Cake Desire Facebook page)


The Cake Desire facebook is a business page, different from personal pages that you can add people to interact, for this reason, the way you can add us would be Liking the page (click on the LIKE icon)  and then looking for us in their liked pages ! If you prefer, we have a personal profile used to exchange informations and ideas with customers, and to show a little of our work. However, the time rto reply you can be long. Look for Marisa Gushiken and on the "on" make sure is "Microbusiness woman at Cake Desire company," because there is more than one profile with this same name.


How can I get informations about the prices and sizes of your cakes?


Thank you for the contact, the price and the size of the specific cake for the number of people you need itcan be found on the link :How to order

 The prices are more specific for whipped cream cakes,  in the case of fondant cakes the prices varies according to the number of layers that the cake have and with the kind of decoration, for example, only one layer cost about 12000 yen~18000 yen. For two layers cake 22000 ~ 25000 yen, three or more layers 35000~40000 yen. In the case of Camera Cake  15000~20000 yen. For Scenographic cakes (false cakes)  please contact us !!!


How far in advance should I place my order?


Usually, this  depending of time of year! For example, end of year(December) or close of long holidays such as Golden Week (May) and Obon Yasumi  (August) beyond Shogatsu (New Year), require more care and consequently a greater advance in the application.
Normally, we ask at least one week in advance for whipped cream cakes with rice paper decorations  and 3 weeks to 1 month for fondant cakes. In the case of fondant cakes, this period may vary according to the degree of difficulty of decoration, more or less.


I would like to know if can I insert a picture of celebrant on the rice paper decoration?


Yes, of course you can! However, for a great result is necessary you observe some important tips:

- Picture quality (usually more than 300kb in size or 800 pixels in height and length), in the case of mobile phones if possible pictures of smartphones with high resolution ;

- Area (Many times the people want it to insert a picture in a pre-selected image that doesn't have space enough to do it),  ;

- Order in advance! Layouts or super elaborate designs can not be do it in a short time! For example, get a order today to see the cake with a celebrant picture (photo) next morning. We advise clients to give us a time (deadline) , preferably up to one week before the day party so we can better serve them. And depending on the time of year, one week is insufficient, given the number of scheduled orders for that date;



I enjoyed a cake, but I wonder if it would be possible to change the icing cake color to another?


No problem! Just inform us  (usually, there is a cake name and a code number or if applicable, a link of the cake) so we can make the necessary modifications.


I need the delivery service (I live in another area) and would like to know if the cake comes frozen ?


In the case of fondant cakes, they can arrive at the day party and don't need to travel inside the freezers, Reitou, only "Reizou" (low temperature 5 ~ 8 degrees);
In the case of whipped cream cakes, the cake is delivery inside freezers "Reitou" system and after receiving your product, it should stay about a day (24hrs in the refrigerator).    Its important to the cake gradually return to their normal consistency,  avoiding what we call "fast thawing" of the product, which could compromise the quality of rice paper. Following our sequence the cake will return to the normal consistency without changing the flavor.  For more informations please read: Receiving Procedures



I really enjoyed your cakes, can you make the complete party decoration ?


Party decorations is made by specialized companies should be contacted aside, we have several works exhibited by these companies and a small information space on our website to facilitate contact. See the link below!
Our cakes at parties (In construction)!



The Takyubin system is a secure system for delivery cakes?


Yup! The company Kuroneko Yamato (Black Cat) has the Takyubin system for deliveries, leader in its sector in Japan!  Furthermore, we developed over the years, a form of packaging and labeling, which greatly reduced the number of accidents in shipping. Accidents still exist, but they are very low in cases today, and the damages have relations with bad driving or carelessness when transporting with hands the cake box (turn it) or maybe the person who ordered not answer the phone promptly on the day and time scheduled(delivery time).   Becoming unable to deliver their product at time.  The delivery service (Takyubin) will delivering other orders running several time, increasing the risk of damage of your product.



I live far from you in Hiroshima, can you delivery here?


Thank you for the contact! Don't worry it !  We use the delivery Takyubin system that covers the whole  Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa! This system is one of the most efficient and moderns of the world. The only caution that people should have would be to check if there is delivery services all hours of the day in your city (very small and distant cities have only delivery schedules at morning or afternoon for example, without specifying an exact time);



What is the size of your small savory snacks, are they little ones ?

Until recently we worked only with homemade small savory snacks, big and tasty, rs. However, there are some customers that for economic reasons prefer something more simple (affordable)  to don't let it go that unchallenged date. For these peoples we are now selling industrial small savory snacks too!
The biggest differences are in the size and of course prices. For more details please access here (In construction) !



Can I choose the delivery hour for my products ?

Thank you for the contact!

You must do it, lol !


For the majority  cities the delivery times are as follows:


8:00 am~ 12:00 pm

12:00 -14: 00

14:00 -16: 00

16:00 -18: 00

18:00 20 : 00

20:00 ~ 21: 00


For small cities located far from large urban centers, please consult the information center of your city!


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