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Receiving procedures

 Whipped cream cakes


1 . When you receive your product, please remove it from the box;

2 . When you put the cake into the refrigerator take out the cover of the white box (the ice inside the box will melt and can fall onto rice paper damaging the quality of it);

3 . Put it in the refrigerator carefully supporting the base of the cake with one hand . In general you must remove a shelf inside the refrigerator to have space to insert the cake inside ;

4 . Wait until the next day to be able to taste it ( 24h ) . The cake will return to normal consistency .


Other precautions :


5 . Avoid keeping it out of the fridge (fast thawing may affect your consistency) and may change its flavor;

6 . Avoid keeping it in the refrigerator near strong "smelling food" because they can change the characteristic odor of the cake;

7 . When cutting the cake, use a sharp knife (not spatula cake);

8 . In the summer time avoid open many times the refrigerator door. This can make your cake thaw too quickly!



Fondant Cake (Precaucions)


The fondant cake is very beautiful and very popular in the United States and Europe . It is also widely used in coverage cupcakes and other personalized ornaments .


Below are some cares to correctly conserve the cake :


1 . The fondant cake should be stored in the refrigerator , it is sensitive to low temperatures . If you still prefer to place it in the refrigerator after the party ( leftovers ) try wrapping it in a plastic sheet to prevent its fast drying ;

2 . Avoid humid places, because the paste made of sugar absorbs moistures, changing physical appearance and flavor ;

3 . If you are getting a whipped cream with garnish of fondant ( cake topper , little flowers or little hearts ) try to placed on the cake a few moment before starting the celebration . You should also kept out of the fridge in a cool and dry place ;

4 . Some kinds of fillings do not fit well with the fondant . This is because the fondant does not accept a more stringent cooling . Fruits in general are avoided ;

5 . Cakes made ​​with whipped cream are more light for consumption , fondant cakes are more usually heavier in this composition , I mean , people generally feel satiated with less amount of cake when you compared to the whipped cream . Fondant cake needs to have more stronger structure to support the weight of the mass;

6 . Fondant cakes are not so wet (fillings) when you compare to whipped cream cakes , this does not necessarily imply that they should be dry ! The reason is when you make a wet filling , it tends to lose it firmness and support causing occasional landslides . However , you can avoid this limitation by adding more hydrogenated products ( margarine , etc. ) for their manufacture ;

7 . In rainy days is natural that the cake looks a little wet ( externally ) . However some ornaments can break off, over the cake, without notice . To solve this problem , close the windows and on the air conditioner in room temperature , 24 degrees . Dry air should make the cake gradually return to its original appearance. If the party is in the next day , store the cake in a cardboard box or leave some piece of newspaper "near" to help remove the humidity ;

8 .The fondant cake is relatively heavier than the traditional whipped cream cakes , take care to transport it . Try to support the base with your hand palm before you move it avoiding inopportune accidents .

9 . Last and important recommendation...use a very sharp knife to cut your cake (not spatula cake, please!)



Thank you for purchasing a Cake Desire product ! ! !
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