Questions and Answers

 1. How can I pay? 

     Cash on delivery is available. When you want to pay in advance, a postal money order also available. 

2. Is there a delivery charge when I order cakes except Hero/ Princess Birthday cakes?

    Yes. You have to pay a fee to delivery person from Yamato Transportation .co., Ltd. It is about ¥1,421. 

3. When can I get my cake after I ordered?

    When you ordered rice paper cakes, it will arrive the day after the date you proffered. Because it is frozen to keep the shape. When you ordered fondant cakes, we will deliver on the appointed day.

4. How can I cancel or extend sending the cakes on order?

    You have to call Cake Desire until three days before your preferred dates. If we have shipped it off already before you call us, you can not cancel or extend the dates anymore. Sorry.

5. How can I order your products?

   There is order form in Top page and Menu page. Just fill in all blanks.You also can order from our Facebook page.

6. Can you deliver your products to my place without using home delivery company?

    If you live in East side in Hamamatsu Shizuoka, we can deliver to your place. Otherwise we can hand cakes over to you when you can come to the parking in EION, Ichino. If not, the delivery company will deliver your order.

7. Do you have any other kinds of cakes?

   Yes. Please check our Facebook page or out other language websites. We have Japanese and Portuguese websites. There are many kinds of cakes. You can find your favorites.

8. When should I make reservation?

   One week before your preferred dates for rice paper cakes. 

    Three weeks before your preferred dates for fondant cakes. You might be able to order before two weeks before your preferred dates up to products. Please ask us.

9. How can I know that my order has done?

    When your order has done, we are sending a mail to you. If it takes 48 hours after you ordered without our mail,  please call us immediately about this. 

10. Do you have any other informations?

     We enclose 6 candles for all of customers without charge. 


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